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In fertile delta of the river Ganges flourished ancient kingdoms and centers of learning. Here took place events that changed the course of the country. This is where Mahavira and the Buddha preached an alternate, gentler way of life; the Emperor Ashoka looked out onto the futility of death and destruction he had wrought on Kalinga and chose to propagate the way of peace; the British metamorphosed from traders to supreme rulers of India; and the incredibly rich hinterland directed the industrialization of an independent nation. And in the region even today, the many distinctive tribal people live their lives, their culture alive and well, enduring beyond the flow and flux of changes.

Name of Tour


Enchanting Kerala


06 nights/ 07 days

Best of Kerala*

10 nights/ 11 days

Southern Highlights*

09 nights/ 10 days

Traversing South*

11 nights/ 12 days

Southern Splendour*

16 nights/ 17 days

Best of South India*

21 nights/ 22 days

East India Tours*

West India Tours*

* Coming soon.....

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller
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