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Testimonials - It’s what our clients have to say that matters! (page 6)


We would like to thank you for the well trip organisation to Sri Lanka. Harsh the driver has been fine and a kind chap. The hotels were greats and we find the people very friendly and smiling. In one word a wonderful country! only not enought time...Thanks again and may be next time in India...

Michèle and Christian Aubry - France (23/31 Mar2013)

I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone in our group when I say we thoroughly enjoyed the visit to India made even better by the support we received from you, your team and Tamarind. The arrivals, transfers, booking and sightseeing were blended with professionalism and made seamless by all the staff involved making our journey trouble free and so much more enjoyable. Everyone was easily contactable when we needed them including the guides, agents and drivers and we had experiences which we will carry with us for a long time to come. There is something very special when you are never let down and the staff handle all the processing for you at the destination point. The assistance in selecting the perfect itinerary is much appreciated so we never felt as though we were doing too much or too little and it created a wonderful balance letting us see as much as time permitted without feeling exhausted at the end of the day. I also commend the guides for their incredible knowledge and flexibility in allowing us to also choose what we wanted to see and getting us back to the hotels when we requested. The Taj hotels can come no more highly recommended than from our group and they should set a yard stick for all other international major chains. Thanks you Reju and team for making our third visit to India so remarkable and we look forward to your assistance again in the near future as we plan our next trip to India.

Peter Chasak, Paul Harris, Eileen & Gavin Custance - Australia (18 Mar/ 06 Apr 2013)

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful trip to Udaipur – the Taj Palace on the Lake was amazing, the staff took care of the smallest detail to ensure we had the perfect stay – it was a very memorable and relaxing vacation.  The tours you organised were also great with lots of different things to enjoy and experience, and on our part, no concerns or discomfort experienced.  We really appreciated the care and attention you paid to our comfort, from airport pick up to well informed local tour guide – we wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend Insights 2 India to other travellers or to use your services again.

Sheridan and Nelson Crawshaw - Australia (26/29 Mar 2013)

A Fabulous Burma Experience:
We set off for 12 days discovering Burma (or is that Myanmar*) in November 2012 as a small private group of 6 friends. The unique beauty of Burma, the reported friendliness of the people, romanticised images from colonial tales and limited western influence over the last 50 years were attractions. Whilst hard to articulate before our trip, we had expectations of memorable experiences. Our expectations of food, accommodation and travel guides were modest based on our uninformed perceptions. In the event we enjoyed lots of highlights. The natural landscape, the instinctive open friendliness of the people, the old colonial architecture in Yangon, the temple ruins around Bagan, the numerous pagodas, and even more numerous Buddhas, life on water at Inle Lake and primitive techniques for farm very productive land were some of the highlights. Buddhism is integral to life in Burma and most people demonstrate humility and serenity not observed in western countries. However, the sectarian violence between Buddhist mobs and minority Rohingya Muslims seems so out of step with what we saw. The high standard accommodation, great food and well informed and friendly travel guides were a surprise and exceeded our expectations in most cases. Mandalay accommodation and tour guide were the disappointments that contrasted with the standards elsewhere. We would highly recommend Burma as a "must do" for the adventurous and even moderately adventurous traveller.

*Some locals and apparently "The Lady", Aung San Suu Kyi still prefer Burma until the people decided to change.

David Williams & Party (06 pax) - Australia (10/22 Nov 2012)

Thank you for another fabulous vacation to India, this time to the South! Because last time our trip to the north was such a perfect mix of classical India and nature I didn’t even discuss the itinerary with you this time and you were “Spot on.”  Except that I left thinking I needed more days everywhere, especially Kochi.  What I did discuss with you this time in almost daily emails were the hotels. I wanted boutique hotels, for a number of reasons, including safety, and amazingly you found them everywhere, even in the middle of nowhere.  The boutique hotels in the cities were also remote, and a relaxing contrast to the bustle of India.  Each hotel seemed more luxurious then the last one.  Our favorites were the CGH Earth Chain, the Park Pod in Chennai, the Old Harbor Hotel in Kochi, the Gateway in Madurai and Orange County.    The English competence of the guides was consistently higher than during our previous visit in 2004.  Two guides in particular, in Chennai as well as Hassan, as well as the naturalists on the safaris shared their personal enthusiasm for what we were seeing.  It rings louder when it comes from the heart. I also appreciated the periodic phone contact with your travel associates in the south and the visit half way along.  Of course on any vacation there will be the occasional miss- connect; when that did happen your associates fixed the problem within the hour. Also kudos to our driver, Mr. Hussain.  He put up with 20 days of my requests to stop to photograph everything in sight, as well as my whining to shop--all the while negotiating cliff-hanger mountain driving and the general driving chaos. The Indian people are some of the most welcoming in the world and we cherish all of the interactions.  Now we are thinking about Ajunta and Ellora and Gautala national park sometime in the not too distant future! Reju, we would also like to offer our hospitality when you visit our beautiful Seattle, Washington. Again, a heartfelt thank you for arranging our trip to India!

Marjorie Masel and Christopher Chantrill - USA (10 Feb/ 01 Mar 2012)
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“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller
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